The Arts Center Task Force is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to building a performing arts center in the Mid-Columbia.  The non-profit corporation, formed in 1993, has been active during several periods of time when significant opportunities were presented.  Most recently, the Task Force has been working with the Port of Kennewick to establish the Vista Arts Center as a part of the Vista Field Redevelopment.  The Vista Arts Center would serve as a mid-size regional community theater and display arts facility.  Previously, the Task Force responded to a request for proposal from the Tri-Cities Regional Public Facilities Board, investing in a market study showing the potential of a performing arts center in the region.  While the Proposal was not put forward to the voters, the need and market for a large-size performing arts center continues to be viable. 

The Task Force has solicited extensive input from the performing arts, display arts, and public in developing a functional plan for the Vista Arts Center.  The functional plan defines the kinds of functions that are desired for the Vista Arts Center.  The Task Force now is developing a business plan for the Vista Arts Center that will define what kind of performers will use the Vista and the recommended staging to meet their needs. The business plan will also contain conceptual drawings and preliminary construction and operational costs. The business plan, tailored to our region, would allow the Vista Arts Center to thrive once it is built.

The Task Force’s all-volunteer board of directors includes people from a variety of professions: finance, business, marketing and public relations, psychology, program management, and performing arts development.  Board members are elected for a three-year term and the total board numbers between 7 and 20. The Task Force’s officers include a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, membership chairman, fund-raising chairman, and communications chairman, each of whom serves a three-year term upon election. Additionally, the Task Force has elected a Board of Advisors. These influential leaders will help inform strategy as well as make valuable connections for the Task Force.

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