The Founders' Club members were the first to invest in the vision of a performing arts center for the Tri-Cities area. Their critical contributions since 2012 provided the foundational funding required for sustaining the Task Force and moving toward building the Vista Arts Center. We honor the Founders' Club members for their commitment to the cultural, educational, and economic health of the Mid-Columbia. In addition to their recognition here, Founders' Club members will be named on a special display in the Vista Arts Center.

The 500 Club: The Founders’ Club includes members of the 500 Club established by the late Laurel Piippo, a fierce advocate and supporter of the performing arts. Mrs. Piippo solicited $500 each from her friends to provide funds for designing, building and equipping a performing arts center in the Mid-Columbia; what she termed "bricks and mortar."

She believed that many people across the region could afford to donate $500, even if they did not have the means to provide very large donations for an endowment fund. It is the Task Force's policy that monies for the 500 Club shall be used only for the purposes of designing, building, and equipping the Vista Arts Center

Current Founders' Club Members

We try to be accurate, but sometimes mistakes occur. Please send changes or modifications to us through the Contact section of this website.

Headliner - $25,000+

Jo Brodzinski*     Fox Vance Family Foundation

Investor - $15,000 to $24,999
Steven and Julie Wiley*

Producer - $10,000 to $14,999
Gary L Troyer Memorial     Katie & Bob Ferguson

Director - $5,000 to $9,999
Kathryn & Larry Lang*
Reginald Unterseher, LLC & Sheila Dunlop*

Designer - $1,000 to $4,999
Boyce Burdick
Chuck & Anne Eaton
The Lampson Family
John McDonald
Mid-Columbia Ballet
Mid-Columbia Mastersingers
Mid-Columbia Musical Theatre
Mid-Columbia Symphony
Joel & Debra Rogo
Lloyd Swain Memorial
Ed & Joyce McClanahan
Gary & Kris Troyer
Burton Vaughan Memorial

Stage Manager - $500 to $999
Mike & Karis Alderson
Mary Ann Allemann*
James & Linda Bauer
Roger & Joyce Bean*
Allen Brecke*
Patricia Cleavenger*
Michael Cunningham*
John & JoAnn Deichman
Cynthia Dillman*
Tom Edwards & Kristie McKune*
Stephen Ewer
Dawn Gerhard*
Bruce & June Gillespie
Hendrickson Family Charitable Trust
Marcia Hoffmann
Craig Howell*
Ron & Susan Kathren*
Mildred Kellogg*
Chris Murray & Carla Chiotti*
Mr & MrsRobert Parazin*
Laurel Piippo*
Sue Pritchett
Sandra Stanley*
Sheila Sullivan*
Dennis & Judy Sweeney*
Ginger Vetrano*
The Elton Kerr Charitable Fund
Umtanum Enterprises
Robert & Libby Watrous

Cast Member - $50 to $499
Nathan & Elaine Ballou
Jennifer Becker
Racheel KE Black
Jeff Brown & Eva Baroni
Sherry Clark
Paul & Mary Dann
Jerome Delvin
Mary Dill & Jennifer Ovink
In Honor of Dev Felton's 90th Birthday
Craig Forman
Mark & Colleen French
Steve & Diane Goheen
Kay Hayes
Marilyn Heasley
Sharon Hickman
Kristina Junge
David & Carol Larkin
Greg & Jessica Levy
Mitch Lewis
Charles & Jo Lindenmeier
Mike & Julie Lowrey
Ted & Tina Miller
Tom Moak
Kathleen Morris
Anne Nolan
Justin Raffa
Ed Ray
George & Lisa Richmond
Cyndy Sharer
Cathryn Smith
Peter L & Jeanne Smith
Kim Stock
Ed & Elizabeth Temple
Muriel Templeton
Richard Walling
Dennis & Wanda Walters
Elizabeth Weiss

*Denotes a sustaining member

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